Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lighten up Boys!

I went back on the Clarity of Night's blog to check for the Elemental Contest results.

As I scrolled down the page, this is how the information hit me and I shall try my best to reproduce what went on in my mind.
Full lights turned on in my brain.
Am I in the first fifth winners?
(Some lights fading)
Did I get listed in the 10 Honorable Mentions? 
Huh. No.
(More lights dimming)
Was I selected to be part of the Reader's choices?
Apparently not.
(Complete darkness)
Not looking too good this time Boys.

(Two bulbs of curiosity start shining)
Hum. Let's have a look.
102 entries in total.
28,531 hits.
That's a lot.

(Four bulbs on)
And 10,228 visitors.
Holy crap!
(Six bulbs on)

Oh wait, there is Fourties Club.
What's that?
Club of talent. Asterisks have been added to those names who had showed skills in writing.
(Half of the lights are on again)
So did I get inducted into the Forties Club?
Not even close.

Full lights off. 

Am I undeterred?
Yes. And (grunting) no.

Was it worth it? 
Yes. Very interesting blog and a huge network of talented writers.
I will probably join more contests.
Besides that man, Jason Evans desserves a medal for putting these contests together and take the time to read and mark them.

Check out his blog:

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