Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nicola Verlato

My mind is empty. Words are escaping me. So I am going to let Art take over my blank canvas and fill these pages for me.
And I have just the right subject.
Because through David Dalla Venezia's blog, I found one artist whose style left me frozen in time.
To when I discovered him or her.
(Is Nicola Verlato a male or a female? I do not know.
Let me check. Ah male. Well here you go)
But what I know, is a few days ago when I visited the artist's blog,  the paintings stayed with me like ghosts.
The claws of war gripped at me when I saw some of his work. Tendrils of darkness stretch out of his paintings and followed me here.
So here it is. For your eyes only.

To the left, it is "Fifty cent" 2003.

To the right, 2011, The End of History... and the Return of History

I found those paintings so powerful, it just knocks me three feet away (inside) 
I mean the intensity of the scenes are just amazing. So staggering in their honesty.
It is like time has paused in order to let us feel what it must be feel like to be in a moment of chaos or helplessness. And I love the choices of colours. Dimmed, muted, subtle. Scraping the life of colours to retain only what counts. A place in time and space. An emotion. An action.

The painting to our right is quite different from the two above but all the same. I love it. Also I must admit. I am a little puzzled as what it stands for. I checked on the text below the picture in the artist's blog and i couldn't find a title. The artist said he took on the theme of the Mothers series but with a "twist"...I wrote to him. Maybe he can enlighten me. If not, we will leave as it is. A beautiful mystery.

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