Thursday, July 14, 2011

David Dalla Venezia Part 1

Warning. I am going to chose something dark, something tormented and something not conforming because that's how I feel at the moment. I won't explain why. There is no point to it.
So I look at Carre d'artistes website and went through maybe twenty artists and found all styles were playing it too nice so I thought the only way I would find something edgy, contrevorsial and possibly disturbing would be on the TerminArtors website.
To find this new style, I decided that my best bet would be to do a reseach by self-portrait.
I think I can safely say that I hit the jackpot with this Franco-Italian artist.

Born in Cannes, France on April 10, 1965. David is the son of an artist. In 1958, he moved to Cannes and worked for artists then living on the French Riviera. In 1973 he returned to Venice and has lived and worked here ever since.

This painting to the left is what made me chose this artist. I thought the style was anachronistic.
The artist fighting himself. And not in the fairest way. I liked it instantly. Do we fight with ourselves? Oh yes. Do we play it fair? Far from it. And I like that truthfulness and also the fact that (that might be just my interpretation now) the artist is not taking himself too seriously. For the critics and interested amateurs, I am putting a picture of how the artist really looks like. That way, they will get to appreciate the humour/style better. The title won't help you: it is called n#275.

The next one is n#628.
The artist dancing with himself? Actually I am not sure whether he is dancing or wrestling because things surely do look messy on the floor.

To our right, Mr Dalla Venezia could have called this one "Fighting the Tri-polar disorder" but instead he called it n#269. Oh well. I still like it. That's how I feel four days out of three so I won't make a comment on this utmost excellent painting.

 This one is called n#267. And again I don't know if most writers feel this way but at times, I certainly feel the weight of words are burying me under or sometimes, when I see all those books in libraries and bookstores and I know I will never have the time to read them all, well this image of the book falling on the character, that's about how accurate I feel about that impossible task.

About the artist, this is what he says about him: "Since it is I who paints these pictures it is true that they are portraits of myself. However - as they are portraits of a man - they are also portraits of every man: what I depict of myself is common to all men; what I omit is that which differentiates me from them."

Very interesting.
Funny in the end because I felt pretty low when I started to write this post and now I feel almost cheery and lifted. So I guess I must thank you Mr Dalla Venezia for making my day, or should I say my night.

To see more of David Dalla Venezia's work, here is his website:

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