Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writer at heart

Raining in my speech.
Raining in my heart.
Apart from the fact that my children story got rejected by a children's agent today, everything is peachy.
In fairness, the agency was extremely quick to reply to me. About a week. So at least, I can move on to the next agent.
I guess I must prepare myself to send it to a lot of agents.

And if their answers are all negative, then I must send it to all publishers.
And if their replies are still negative, well, I guess I could go self-publishing but I won't. 
I don't think I have the stamina to go through all that heartache.
And going ebook? 
Well knowing all the hits I have at the moment, i.e: with this blog *coughs* and all the numerous contacts I have out there in the publishing world *double coughs* and the non-publishing world, I can fairly say that I wouldn't see much the point of that.
And after that?
Well let me think. I guess I will have to do like Joe Konrath. Try again. And again. And again. And again.
And if I never get it right?
I don't know. I will be like some writers. A cursed artist. Maybe I will be famous after death, like Fernando de Pessoa or maybe I will stay buried and forgotten. LOL.
I don't know what worries me the most, the fact that I might never get a chance to make a living out of what I love or the fact that I might give up trying. I don't want to give up. Ever. Even if I don't do well, even if I never get published. I want to believe that I will always write. Even in 3 years, 5 or 15 years.
I want to believe that I will still write and be the writer at heart as any true writer at heart should be.
Whether they get published or not.

Picture above from Artist Beck.
Her blog is called Dumb Drawings:


  1. The following message is meant to sound motivational (I know tone gets lost online sometimes): If you're a writer, than you're a writer. Publishing doesn't make you a writer. If this book doesn't work out, you have to write another one. In fact, you should start a new project right away to keep your mind off of the other one. So many great writers had their first books rejected or never published. At least that's the advice I've heard so many writers give. =)

    You'll keep writing because that's what writers do. Rejection will eventually get easier; it's just a part of the job. Best to you!

    -Miss GOP

  2. Hey, Miss Good on paper, Thank you. It feels like you are a bit the Angel that I was looking for tonight. So again I thank you.