Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you a writer or a typer?

So today, I'll have it very easy. Extremely easy. And I am delighted about it.
Because I am letting the floor to a fellow writer...His name is Conor Lynch. 
The idea for this post started when he mentioned to me his second project, which was to write by hand. And he suggested this idea to me as a subject for my next post.
I agreed with him.
Would it be great if you wrote an article about it? I said. "Because you know, I don't think I want to give it a go..."
And there you have it. The story is coming to a full circle as this is his article.

So am I a writer or a typer?  A typist, or, someone who puts pen to paper.  It is an interesting concept that must come across the mind of every writer as we try and find that extra niche to our style.  I guess what got me into writing when I was younger was the novelty of seeing your very own words print before your eyes.  When the novelty wore off I decided, “Hey I better put some flesh behind this” and suddenly a new writer was born.

Seriously however.  How do you put your story down?  It is an interesting concept in this age of social networking. Texting and emailing, how many of us actually write by hand?  Well I do!  I decided that to get the best feeling for my project I had to get right down and into the detail.  It is amazing how rewarding actual handwriting can be.  It’s funny when you start, because after writing a page you can see how bad your handwriting has deteriorated in this technological age.  Try it!  Try and write twenty lines with a pen on paper.  Your wrist will become tired; your finger sore and your writing will look as if you have been writing in a bar after sampling some of the fine wares of the establishment.

For a writer however I guess it is what you feel most comfortable with.  We see Carrie Bradshaw in S*x and the City narrating as she types.  Is this the best way to write for you?  I think you can type as you think however when writing by hand you are more inclined to pause and see how your writing is coming along.

Like the word processor, I recently bought a writing desk.  I felt like a cheat however putting my laptop on top of it and was wondering what was the point of the desk?  With this in mind I put pen to paper and now I have even bought some writing paper and envelopes!

How nice it is to see a freshly handwritten letter in an envelope.  I would imagine it is as equally rewarding to receive one.  Rather than a text of e-mail.  Having written my first letter I had to stop myself from signing it “regards Conor”.

So back to the writer/typer.  Technically, if you think about it, if you class yourself a writer you should write.  How can a writer be such if he/she is typing?  I felt vindicated...I am a writer and proud!  However in this instance in the interest of speed I had to type this article on a laptop.  Some things you can’t change...

Thank you Conor for sharing your experience with us.
And my questions to all the fellow writers out there would be: Are you a writer or a typer? Do you feel excited to see the white page darkening with your own writing? Or  do you feel like a cheat for typing? Do you think as you write? Or write as you think? 

Conor Lynch just got out a collection of Contemporary Short Stories called the Lonely Man and his short stories are available on amazon Kindle. For more information, click on his website.

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