Monday, August 8, 2011

The George Peabody Library,Baltimore, the Greatest Libraries Part 4

Okay, we've been to Ireland, Brazil and Austria, where shall we go next?
Mmmh, let me think, how about the U.S.A? Maryland.
I found that amazing picture of the George Peabody Library, in Baltimore.
Who is George Peabody?
I have no idea.
The name sounds vaguely familiar. Vaguely.
Let's have a look on Wiki.
Mr Peabody was born in South Danvers, Massachusetts in1795, became a banker and entrepreneur, moved at age 21 (1816) in Baltimore. Stayed there for  twenty years. In 1837 Peabody took up residence in London where he remained the rest of his life.
He became a philanthropist. Nice. Never married. Unusual.
In the United States, his philanthropy largely took the form of educational initiatives. In Britain, it took the form of providing housing for the poor.

And the town he was born in Massachussetts is now called Peabody.
Wouldn't it be nice to be a philanthropist? And having a town called after you?
I wouldn't mind. No, I wouldn't.

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