Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspiration around the world

I am just amazed at the diversity of blogs there is out there about writing.
There is so many of them, wannabe writers, editors, online magazines, blogs about agents, blogs about  losing yourself in your craft and blogs about focusing on your craft.
Everything and anything.
You click to one UK blog which leads you to New York, Wisconsin, Canada, Brazil, Russia and within an hour, you are back to the UK and you've travelled around the world, hopping from blog to blog.
I found that amazing.
And the crazy thing is that there isn't one blog which I thought, was rubbish.
There's always been something useful, something interesting.
There's so much talent out there, it's just inspiring as well as dumfounding.

For all the isolated writers who are into writing for Young Adults, I recommend a very good blog from E.R King.
This is her blog: 

E.R King's blog has links to many YA writers and some of which are on the verge to become very successful.

 Debut novel by Marrissa Meyer, Cinder, is a take on the classic Cinderella fairy tale . . . except it’s set in the future, and her Cinderella is a cyborg!! Isn't this bold or what?

Debut novel by Elana Johnson, Possession.
The Thinkers may have brainwashed the rest of the population, but Vi is determined to think for herself. This is a game of control or be controlled. And Vi has no choice but to play.

Another sci-fi writer I've discovered:
Placid Point: Tales from the History of Transhumanity by Graham Storrs are stories of humanity in transition. A young man finds himself in charge of a box full of human minds, a maintenance crew hears screaming from inside an unmanned space station, at the end of time, the last transhuman enjoys mince pies and sherry. Whatever form our future takes, death, betrayal, sex, and Christmas will always be with us.

I have also discovered this one. It can't remember through which other blog I've found it but there it is:
Her book The Carrier of the Mark, is being published by HarperTeen on the 4th October 2011.
She got noticed through a community writers forum called Inkpop. ( And within 2 months, lucky devil, she got an editor working for her and got a three-deal book.

A magazine open for Fiction submissions:

A little bit of TLC for your WIP? It is apparently a very respectable company but you will find that Tender Love and Care doesn't come cheap at all.

Any blog you've found inspiring lately?


  1. You have a great blog. I am following those wonderful blogs and they are great! I don't think there can be enough writing blogs out there.