Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Jay Walker Library, the greatest Libraries Part 5

 Is it me or this Library  does also swimming pool?
Isn't it a brilliant modern Library? It looks like a library Leonardo Da Vinci would have got if he lived in the 21st century. Or Dr Who? Maybe?I just loved the different levels and the space created both in width and height.
The blue hue bathing the library is unfortunately and just ( huh!) the reflection of the sky  into the Library. Yes. Well some have it all.
The name of the lucky and I might add private owner is Jay Walker. 
American Inventor, entrepreneur (another one!) and  chairman of Walker Digital, a privately held research and development lab focused on using digital networks to create new business systems. Best known as the founder of Priceline.com.

How would I feel about reading cosily the last of Mr Ransom Christopher The People Next Door in this place and suddenly rising my head off the pages to see the open sky? I don't think I would feel too bad.

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