Monday, August 29, 2011

Tell me what you own and I tell you who you are?

So the next post after this is a bit of a giver...
I was looking for a picture of a laptop to put on the previous post and it dawned on me that the choice for laptops as much as computers, say quite a lot about how a writer view him or herself.

So what kind of tool do you chose for yourself?
Is it pink and fluffy?

Is it solar and seemingly work like a coffee table?

Is it gimmicky with antennas like an ant and can it move it's head and says hello like E.T?

Is it bulky, slow and old? (And yes incidentally, this is the first world laptop. In 1984, Apple Computer introduced its Apple IIc model . The Apple IIc was a notebook-sized computer, so technically not a true laptop but still close enough to what was going to be the first laptop. 
The computer itself weighed about 10 to 12 lb (about 5 kg), but the monitor was heavier. It had a 9-inch monochrome monitor or an optional LCD panel. The combination computer/ LCD panel made it a genuinely portable computer, although you would have to set it up once you reached your destination. 

Or is it just black, sleek and looking professional-like?  
Mine is like that. Well similar to that. And I still look at it and think: "How cool this laptop is!" the thought of buying one had been hanging over my head til I couldn't take it anymore. Until quite recently, I still had one bulky old computer with a boot up process and an internet connection so fast that I had time to go downstairs, boil the kettle, make a cup of tea and come back, still not ready...watching T.V. Forgot about the pc and then come upstairs to turn it off.
I would have liked to chose a funky colourful one but that range wasn't available in colour. Shame. Also my budget dictated me to go for something affordable and lasting instead of flashy and trendy.

While looking for pictures, I even found a laptop with a multicoloured keyboard. I didn't even know there was such thing as a multicoloured keyboard.

Overall, I am pretty happy with what I got. It looks classy and says how serious I am about writing ( hum hum, well how I want to believe how serious I am) and is so much faster. It's like having a washing machine after years of cleaning your clothes by hand. ;-)

And does your laptop/computer look like? And why did you chose it?


  1. No laptop for this girl. I'd love one, but I'm home so much I can't justify it. Besides, the wires would just get in the way. I'm on my good ol' PC and it does me just fine. New technology is great to have, but things are expensive and I can't justifying getting a brand new computer when mine works perfectly fine. But that's my practical side speaking. If money weren't an issue, I'd have every do-dad I could get my hands on...and I wouldn't know how to work half of them. LOL!

  2. MacBookPro :) Looking forward to connecting and campaigning with you :)

  3. ive got me a handy dandy netbook. and i got it because its soo little and cute and adorable and convenient.

  4. MacBook regular nearly 3 years old, so probably in the same category as the telegraph :) I love it! But that multicolored keyboard is awesome!

    Fellow campaigner here to say hi and follow!

  5. My laptop's a pink Dell. I can't live without it!

    I'm a fellow campaigner. Hello!

  6. Hey, thanks for dropping by guys! Nice to have fellow campaigners!

  7. I chose a Macbook Pro because it's gutsy and gets me connected. I can also use Scrivener on the mac now - yay!
    Right now it looks very sleek, silver and professional, but I've already ordered a pictured skin for it that I designed of Jaws swimming up to attack the apple - so yes, I guess it will say a bit about me ;)
    Also a campaigner!
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  8. Cool! Would the apple be an analogy for Knowledge or NY? or something else entirely? ;-)

  9. Recently got a Dell laptop which is very much sleeker and cooler than the heavy, clunky ones that they used to produce. Best thing about it is that I didn't have to pay for it! (strictly speaking its for work use only)
    Have been looking back at some of your older posts and am very impressed with your poems - I particularly liked one called Pieces.

  10. I love my netbook.

    Fellow campaigner here. I write just about everything - from PBs on up to adults. Looking forward to getting better acquainted!

  11. i try to take care of myself. doesnt always work, but i think i do ok for the most part =P
    i feel a bit better, thanks.
    its always nice when someone enjoys hearing from you. makes you feel appreciated =)

    i noticed your followers have grown since the last few times ive been here =)

  12. Have a standard Dell computer and a laptop Dell computer. Did like the computer with the multi-colored keys. :) I'm a fellow campaigner stopping by to say hello. Looking forward to interacting with you. You sound interesting!

  13. Hi,
    I'm a fellow campaigner and typing this out on your standard black laptop. My daughter would love that rainbow one!

  14. I have an Apple and a PC. Apple was a gift. PC was an inexpensive purchase.
    I'm a campaigner and a new follower.

  15. I want the rainbow keyboard! I have a laptop with keys that have most of the letters scratched off from my nails and the K is missing.
    (I'm over here from the campaign! Nice to meet you!)

  16. Coming to you from my new sleek, professional looking laptop!

    Another campaigner here, dropping by to say hello. We're in the same children's group and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you during the campaign.