Saturday, September 17, 2011

And the awards go to...

I'm in a bit of dilemma here. I got an award.
So where's the dilemma?
Getting an award is great. And yes, I agree, it is. Guilie made my day when she gave it to me.
But, there's a but.
There's a mission attached to this blog award.

Number 1: You must Thank your awarder (that's easy)
Guilie, thank you so much for your efforts and time in organising this. You seem a very Generous and a Positive Enthusiastic person so thank you a thousand times. I wish you the best in your blog and will keep on following it.

Number 2: Link back to their blog. (again easy)

Number 3: Share seven things about yourself. (This goes in tens and twos: I can shamelessly admit about myself that I've ten toes,ten fingers, two eyes,two legs, two ears, two arms but only one nose- spot the difference;-)

And Number 4: pass the award on to 15 blogs you've discovered recently. (groan) 15? How about just 6?

First of all, I wouldn't give an award necessarily to the last 15 blogs I've discovered. I'd probably try to be more select. 
Versatile. Racking my mind and trying to do a rewind of the last blogs I've discovered.
Versatile! Versatile???
Quietly typing on google the true meaning of Versatile.
Definition: Capable of doing many things competently.
I got it.
When I think of all the blogs I've visited,  five blogs about writing comes to my mind and have stayed with me.
So here it is:

The Versatile Blogger Award

This award go to the 6 women below for their outstanding dedication to inspire and/or promote other bloggers/writers/events. And for being honest about themself in their blog. 
Miss Good on Paper
She manages two not-for-profit organisations promoting Poets and poetry events in Dublin and the time and efforts she gives for the Poetry Cause is truly remarkable and I thought it should be acknowledged.

Some of them like Clarissa or Jayne have already more than 500 followers so I did debate whether I should try to award someone who might need more support but I reckon their continuous effort to update their blogs over time is truly inspiring so I'm staying true to my first impressions of them and I'm offering them this award.

So the curse for them is that in turn, they should follow the same 4 instructions but this shouldn't be a core nor a curse so if they don't want to do it or don't have the time, I daresay it's fine. Besides most of you already promote others. 
Regardless of whether they accept his award or not, please do take a stroll around their marvelous places and enjoy.

p.s: I looked at the other 14 lucky fellow bloggers that Guilie awarded and unless I'm mistaken I didn't see anyone who had followed up with the instructions so far so I guess I'll be okay with only passing 6 blogs awards.


  1. Awesome! Thanks! I'll acknowledge this award next week.

  2. I'm like you, I have a difficult time with awards. I never can find fifteen different people to hand it too but for me, I'm just lazy. Thank you so much for recognizing me.

  3. Hey, thanks! Glad to see you accepted this :) And I was especially riveted to find out these totally unexpected seven things about you :-P. Seriously, no problem with the 15 vs. 6 blogs. I didn't make up the rules anyway, and I did have a VERY hard time coming up with all 15. These links you've passed this on to look great, and I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks again!

  4. Aw. I am so touched by your comments. Thank you! I am so, so glad I somehow manage to inspire you. You've made my day! :)

  5. Cheers guys!! It's great to know you all.