Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are you walking on Clouds or on Fire?

A week has passed and I haven't written one post. I have a perfectly good excuse for that.
I wasn't idle. Those keys on my keyboard didn't take the dust, believe me.
I wrote poems/edit poems.
Edit pictures' stories ( old ones)/wrote emails to send them to publishing houses.

Do you see you a pattern here?
Yes, me too.
Writing/Editing <---> Editing/Writing
Back and Forth
In and out.
And before I could hit the "send" button a week had flown by.

So what about those children pictures?
Well we're talking about three pictures books really.
And I feel quite happy about them.

And it feels so easy to re-write something as simple as a 1000-word story as opposed to a 150 000-word story.
One feels like you're walking on puffy clouds and the other walking on fire.
One is a breath of fresh air and the other nearly takes it away from you.
One will be done by the end of the day and the other by the end of the year.

It just doesn't have the same psychological, emotional and physical constraints, does it?
The contrast I discover this week is quite striking.
I think I kind of needed the change really.

I even had a good feeling about them. But in the past, I had a good gut feelings about a story, a person or a publishing house and  it turned out to be quite wrong so I am not holding my breathe.
I do hope it proves to be true.
But we will see.

How about you? Are you walking on Clouds or on Fire at the moment? Have you  felt your journey as a writer was completely different from one genre to the other? From one story to the next? And how did it make you feel?
Pour your hearts out here....


  1. hi.thats why i continue with short stories. a break from "the cloud" of writers block that is "the fire" to make you feel you can still write

  2. Don't you hate it when your gut screws you over? You're on the right path, so long as you feel it's right, write! Enjoy your creativity buzz!
    I feel I'm on the right path so long as I'm writing. When I take too long of a break, I feel on fire. Great description, by the way.

  3. I sometimes feel when writing that I am walking on clouds but before too long I begin to sink and they threaten to engulf me!

  4. Thanks guys for sharing your experience with us...