Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween short story: The Cursed Device

Happy Halloween everyone!  To celebrate this creepy time, here is an Halloween short story for you. Creepy and dark.

Cluck, cluck, cluck ka-cluck, cluck-cluck-cluck, tap,   cluck   cluck   cluck   cluck.
He stared at the last word. His eyes narrowed and his lips curled up into a sneer.
Something as dark as the black ink is leaking out of the page and into his soul.
He smiles and stares fixedly at the rubber roll.
The roll sprung back again.
A sound very much like a gurgle reaches his lips.
A demented laugh escapes his throat.
As sharp as a guillotine the rubber roll sprung to the next line answering his command. But he isn't in command. Not anymore.
A black drop drips out of his forehead.
He smudged it off.
Between his thumb and index, he pulls the sheet of paper ever so slowly releasing it from the roll.
Even the sheet of paper seems to make a sigh of contentment as if about to be set free.
He reads the last line again: "You are DEAD" and stands up.
He pushed back his chair and walks out of his room.
Jet of black ink seems to sizzle and tremble off the page steadily flowing towards his hand.
And the hand is steady as it reaches the door handle onto the street.
He sees nothing. He feels nothing. He hears nothing but the metallic key strokes resonating in his head urging him to carry out the task he's been ordered.

Magpie #89:


  1. So, "he" was obviously writing something horrible, like a killing scene. I'm intrigued! Good job!

  2. Machines ordering man's deeds - too close for comfort;-)

  3. Interesting :) (I'm a newbie follower btw) <3

  4. ooo like all the sounds...hehe...our opening line is almost evoke some eerie feeling as well...well played...

  5. The Rubber Roll has never been as scary.

  6. @E.R King, if by "he", you mean the typewriter, yes, he is about to kill someone.
    @jabblog, you're exactly right!
    @Kelley, thank you Kelley, I'll visit your blog too.
    @Brian, did you? I shall check that!
    @Kathy, lol.

  7. creepy ending, what ever will he do now? gripping

  8. More! More! What has he been ordered to do? Good tale.

  9. One of the best "bewitched typewriters" - but like the comment above, I would like to know more.

  10. Nice!Raaa-pa! Do you have a typewriter?

  11. ironically after a year i had 35 followers...just turned 3 years last week...

    email me if you want some thoughts:

    btm2007 at yahoo

  12. its so vague, but so interesting. lets your imagination fill in all the rest...

  13. thank you for the compliments.

    haha, oops.
    i did mean words instead of worlds.
    but come to think of it, worlds somehow makes sense too. maybe i wont change it.....
    thanks for the catch =P