Saturday, October 22, 2011

How will look our newspapers in 2108?

The other day I was watching T.V ( I can't remember which program or film it was but it doesn't matter) and my eye caught the front page of a newspaper (I believe it was of an American newspaper) and I was shocked.
I stared at the tiny writing, so crowded was the page with writing i thought you ought to have a magnifying glass to read its content. Articles stacked next to each other, columns upon columns of information typed and looking like little  insects footprints, as if they had been dipped in ink and summoned to crawl across the page to write the articles.
Then I decided to do some research. I wanted to check exactly how a front page looked back then (100 years ago), how it looks now and how it might look like in 100 years.
And here is the result:
The page of the New York Times, February 26th,1908:
A page from the New York Times, Monday 25th of February 2008:
( Funnily enough the first image of the cover page is a picture of immigrants behind the Half Penny Bridge. Hey, it's "our" bridge there, beyond these kids!)
And here is what I imagine would be the front page on The New York Times, on Monday the
25th of February 2108:

The texts and images obviously do not fit but you get the idea.

Images taken from the following article:


  1. Given the time frame you're using here I'm quite sure we'll have colour, paper thin screens by then so these won't, for the most part be, be static images but would be videos for playback. Anyway, a pictures speaks a thousand words and all.

  2. The attention span for the average reader in 1908 must have been much longer than now. Reading just the front page of the newspaper then looks a daunting task.

  3. @Greyhorse, you're right. It'll probably be videos for playback and probably a lot more advertising sneaking in across the page too as well as entertaining news flooding in instead of hard facts articles(forgot to mention that in the article)
    @JOD,I was thinking the same. And eyesight gone at the age of 40! ;-)