Sunday, November 20, 2011

Help Build a Pop Up Park in Dublin City Centre!!!

Help Upstart get funding of €10,000 for it’s next amazing project by
donating only €2-€5!! Donations needed urgently by 25th November, 5pm

In order to receive a prize fund of €10,000 Upstart needs to receive
unique donations (of €1-€5) from individual donors by 5pm, November
25th. This fund will be used to build a Pop Up Park in Dublin City
Centre (a short term, 3-4 month installation) to highlight all that is
good and beautiful in Dublin. Amongst other things (more below) the
Pop up Park will host day and night outdoor theatre performances in
wooden theatres built with the help of young teenagers from Dublin’s
inner city and teenagers from disadvantaged loyalist areas of Northern

How can you help?

Well, it's straight forward enough...we are looking for a small
donation of a few euro per person. We have entered the Better Together
Giving Competition (put in website here). This comes with a €10,000
prize fund that will go to the cause that receives the most 'unique

This is the bit in the movie where you say, "whatever the hell it
takes! I'm in!"
And you, my good fellows have become a vital cog in this
wheel of glory!

The Project:

The general ambition in this project is to put colour and creativity
into an urban space that is vacant of anything...other than its
potential of course.

It would involve Upstart planting an Orchard!
And just in case you’re worried - the trees will be given a happy new home at the completion of the project!(The project will be a little similar to this-

Grassy knolls to lie back and eat your packed lunch on (these
are funny things- think sun loungers that are covered in grass,
without the wet bums, they have a drainage system to take water away
whilst the grass keeps green!)

A theatre space for day & night performances (this would be an
exciting space designed by professionals who have experience in large
scale wooden constructions at Burning Man and Electric Picnic. They
will work with young teenagers from Dublin city centre and from
disadvantaged loyalist areas of Northern Ireland in building something
inspirational out of a material that is such an integral part of
sectarian bonfires of July 14th- the humble wooden pallet.)

Not to mention art of all sorts and the odd workshop & lecture
thrown in for good measure. Block T (Vodafone Cultural Attraction of
the Year 2011) has already voiced it’s support.

Help Upstart get this funding by giving a small donation today --
we’ll keep you a spot on a grassy knoll in Dublin City Centre!

For info follow this website:
To donate, click on "Donate to this" link and you will land on the following website:
Either follow the suggested donations or decide your own.
Thank you all.

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