Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 2- I Love Dark YA Blogfest

Week 2  write a 500 word or less short story from this image.
I am not very inspired by this image but I shall do my very best.
The dress is pretty. Like the girl. The drape of daylight white tulle floats almost weightlessly fragile and delicate-looking. Like the girl. The color is white, pure, virgin. Unlike the girl.
Everything everywhere is death. Trees. Ground. Air. Silence.
But "it" won't be fooled. "It" doesn't want to come out. "It" requires energy, precious energy which must be used for better purpose.
But "it" doesn't see very well with these eyes. From the depth of her throat, a growl escapes her. 
She raises the back of her hands and slowly presses them against her closed eyelids. "It" sees at last.
A kaleidoscope of red and green forms through her palms.
Beyond the wall of dead trees, "it" perceives something. Mostly red. Heat. Four hundred meters maybe. Two forms.
The first one. Fifty degrees celsius. Four legs. Biggish. Moving fast.
The second one. Two legs. Thirty seven degrees celsius. Small. Moving at the same speed.
"It" sniffs. 20% smell of sweat, 40% blood, 60% dioxide of carbon, sweet acrid scent.
Another growl, this time of excitement.
"It" releases her.
She drops her arms feeling low, tired and hungry, then takes a sharp 90° degree angle and resolutely walks up ahead.
Beneath her bare feet, dried leaves crunch and branches creak.
In the closing distance, the galloping has slowed down. The horse neighs and shakes his mane. He wants to turn back but a male voice shouts: " What the devil is happening to you, Prussia?"
And then he sees her.


  1. hmm, this was an interesting one.

    yeah, im leaving home. im going to bible school in another city. im soo excited.
    and its not toooooo far from home, so ill probably see my family kind of often. which should be nice =P

  2. ps. you have 47 followers! go you!!!!!