Thursday, December 22, 2011

"4 Gotthem Place" Thirst DAYS Tease

First I wanted to thank David, Leigh, Stacey, Maire, JOD and Crystal for their comments on the previous blogfest wrap it up post.

To answer all questions, "4 Gotthem Place" will be self published and RELEASED somewhere in the beginning of 2012. Let's say end of February 2012 if I can find an illustrator for the cover page!!!

If you are an amateur or professional illustrator, young or old, famous or unfamous, step THIS WAY please. ;-) Your name and glory on this e-book and My gratitude for eternity. ;-)

More seriously, I wish I had gone through the journey of traditional publishing but it doesn't look this way.

I don't know what the future holds for me but I will try it.

So if you are:
  • a big Kig or
  • a small Kid or
  • a big Kid with small Kids (your parents) or
  • A small Kid (inside) with big kids or
  • a Big Kid who knows another Big Kid who have small Kids (very confusing I know. Anyway you get the idea)

THEN please spread the word.

I think I'd like to give more of a feel of "4 Gotthem Place". And from now on til the 28st of February 2012 (let's hope it will be ready then), on EVERY THURSDAY, there 'll be a THIRST DAY:

A day where my thirst of telling you about "4 Gotthem Place" will match (hopefully) your thirst of knowing about "4 Gotthem Place".

And if you know you got what it takes to cover this short Contemporary Fantasy e-book, by all means, send me your work.
I would love to talk about it with you.

And Of Course, Happy Christmas All!

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