Wednesday, December 7, 2011

eBook & Book "Campaigner Challenges 2011

She's done it. Katharina Gerlach has put together the 176 stories from 81 participants and turned it into an eBook "Campaigner Challenges 2011" and a book.

The idea was born at the end of the "Built your platform campaign" blogfest organised by Rachael Harrie.
Katharina, a participant of the Blogfest wanted to raise funds for the Harry's case brain tumour campaign and offered for all participants a chance for their story to appear in an Anthology for a good cause. Details on this website:

Many of  us were willing to contribute their stories.
Now, to make this a financial success too, for Harry's sake, she set the price at 2.99USD which gives reasonable royalties.
The eBook is available on Smashwords and Amazon:
The Book is also now available on Amazon

B&N will take longer because Katharina had to go though Smashword's distribution
channel (B&N doesn't take books from people outside the US).  For the
link, please check her advertising post (going up Monday) on my homepage
( some time in December.

A big thank you to all contributors and Katharina who did this Anthology,

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