Friday, December 2, 2011

First Issue of the Weary Blues

Ahem, fame at last, as Martin A Egan said.

Here is a copy of the first Issue of the Weary Blues and I'm lucky enough to be in it. ( a very short poem)

I feel like singing the ABBA song thanks for " Taking a chance  on me"! To thank them I am promoting their magazine.

With Katie Ahern, Editor, Short Fiction, Nora Duggan Editor, Visual Art & Photography, and James O'Sullivan, Founder, they are The Weary Blues.

I know it sounds like an advertising for the A-Team. in a way it is.
Those three guys sounds like soldiers of fortune.
It is a rather commendable thing to create a magazine on a voluntary basis.

James O'Sullivan founded The Weary Blues in November 2011 in an effort to increase the dissemination of original creative literature and art. More information on James can be sought at

They are also looking for Submissions for 2012!!
Poems, visual arts, photography and short fictions, so you know what to do!


  1. A very well designed mag. and you've contributed another of your lovely short poems.
    Will try my luck and send something to them for 2012.

  2. Keep the contributions coming all...the more we get the more chance we have of keeping the standard sufficiently high to run future issues...