Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How's your Xmas Spirits?

I usually never get in the spirit of Xmas but I do try to enjoy Xmas Spirits! (hic)
More seriously I found Xmas over-rated and mostly disappointing.
Maybe because T.V served us with fantastic visions of how xmas should be (large number of cheerful people, large number of gifts, large number of food served and this is not largely the case for most people)
Anyway, they do try to cheer us up though with Xmas movies.

Showed on my little screen in Ireland and over the last 5 days, here is what we got:

Hook. 1991
Which I simply love. Ah to see Robin William in tights!
Miracle on the 34th street. 1994
Not for me but a classic. 
Jack Frost.  1998
Kind of sad and not in my top list but it was just on again two days ago so the T.V producers must think it must be a must for Xmas. ( And yes, i am aware that there are 3 musts in that sentence!) 
The Muppet Christmas Carol - 1992 
Recorded it last year. It only took me a year to view it. 
Annie. 1982.
 Never actually see this movie. 
Elf. 2003
Home alone 1 and 2. 1990-1992.
Classic. Watched it when I was kid. Saw it again recently. Did you notice that Kevin, in home alone, screams as he puts some aftershave on! I mean why? He is not even shaving! ;-)
Tchaikovsky's ballet which was quite interesting to watch.
Charlotte's web. 2006.
Never seen the movie or read the book.
Love Actually 2003.
A surprisingly good movie knowing how impressive was the cast in it. (which is usually not a good thing cuz it means the plot is bound to be terrible)

So out of this list, I'd choose Hook and Love Actually. 
What's your favourite movie? Something in this list? Out of this list?

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