Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Visits from the Unknown

As amazed as I am by the humongous, giant, massive,  mammoth-like, colossal, not to mention,  gargantuan,  pharaonic, stupenduous numbers of replies and marks of interests from people to read my children e-book called "4 Gotthem Place" which no doubt, all children will come to love one day, *coughs*, I must end the incredible one of chance life time opportunity offer to read it for free and move on to another topic on the subject of having been visited by unknown forces.

Still I can hear people crying and having a fit for missing on that great chance, so here just for you, at a bargain price of 0.99cts, the link again to the children e-book which would revolutionize the planet if there was no other children book available. lol.


So where was I?
Ah yes, I was visited quite a number of times last week.
Well I don't mean "me" exactly, and I don't want to alarm anyone, i haven't been visited by Alien, E.T, predators or any forms of paranormal activities, I mean people visiting my almighty all fantastic-o-quaintilly whimsical blog
Well I don't mean "me" exactly, and I don't want to alarm anyone, i haven't been visited by Alien, E.T or predators either or any paranormal activities, I mean i got visits on my almighty all fantastic-o-quaintilly whimsical blog.

Yet I must say the visits have been weird.
Last week I got visited by laughters, lots of it, or should I say, a website called "justforlaughsgags.tv"
150 laughter's apparently.
I know I can be funny at times but not that funny.

Then I got visited by "googlecorrection". 134 times.
I know my blog is not perfect but hey come on, give me a break!

And last but not least, I was landed with 120 visits from "777seo".
7 is supposed to be my lucky number. So maybe I got lucky...

I have another theory.
7 being a heaven number and seo, meaning " Search engine optimization", the only thing that makes sense is that I got searched optimized by GOD!
God came to visit me. 
How cool. 
Well not that cool, cuz he didn't even leave me a comment.
I think I will write a complaint to God for intentionally ignoring me.

Anyway, enough randomness for one post, do you get a high amount of viewpages out of random sites?
Usually I get what 60 page views a day and in one day I got 415!

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  1. I better come clean, my initials are actually GOD not JOD! That explains why I think I know everything and hate admitting that I'm wrong ;)