Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where's Your sense of prettiness?

I was having a discussion with a friend and in our conversation came the question of the meaning of prettiness.
What does make us feel pretty? Clothes? Accessories? Shoes? Or the way we see ourselves in them or therefore how others see us?
In these types of subjects, I am a bit of a pickle because I see myself as “a third gender”, the “writer gender” and so I am obviously out of my comfort zone. Some even made a movie out of us I believe it was named "close encounter with the third kind" ;-)

However I do try to study both gender as neutrally as I can. But in the case of women for example, do women wear skirts or dresses because they feel pretty in them or because they feel men's attention on them?
And of course, the same question goes for me. Would men still wear low cut trousers if they knew women were not eyeing them? Would they shave so closely and chose to wear expensive after-shave?
They say "love is in the eye of the beholder" but when it comes to feel pretty, what does make you feel pretty and why?
If they were no men to appreciate skirts, would you ladies still wear skirts? And if there were no gals, would you guys bother with tight jeans or nicely cut suits or fashionable shoes or whatever rocks your boat?
Now be honest in replying to this question. And try to really think if you ever tried to look nice for yourself or for others? Would you dress the same if it wasn't for fashion, peer pressure and society ethics? ( I am excluding dress codes in workplaces which are "kind of" the rules although this could be the theme of my next post)

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