Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I met with the Poetry Bus Master Driver and...

...I was impressed by his humility.

Oh sorry, yes, I don't think I shared the good news with you, (apart from the fact that I got two new followers: Welcome Adhi Das and Perdita, thanks for joining this blog) one of my poems got selected to be part of the prestigious PB!!!
( No PB doesn't stand for the President Budget or Paddle Board) It's the Poetry Bus issue 3.
And it's rather a privilege.
Even the Irish novelist, dramatist and screenwriter, Roddy Doyle was in it.
The author of the The Commitments (made into a movie in 1991) didn't illuminate the PB3 book launch by showing up but a few others did.
The Poetry Bus started off as a blog which started off as a thread on the website of the Stinging Fly.
The blog's concept was simple.
Every week a poet would drive the bus by writing up a poem.
Soon the blog got quite popular and a first magazine, PB1 was released on the 17November 2010.

Then PB2 soon hit the road and was launched in the Glor Session (International Bar) in Dublin on 22nd Aug 2011.
Adam Neate did the cover for PB2 and I was very impressed to find out that he was  a British painter, conceptual artist and one of the best known street artists in the world. He specialises in painting urban art on recycled cardboard, and has left thousands of works in the street for anyone to collect.

And then PB3 came driving full speed thanks to the brilliant master driver Peadar O'Donoghue who funded, promoted and built the Poetry Bus Magazine and CD for the third time.
The legend said there was much weeping, wailing, swearing and pulling out of hair and teeth as he (they) set to the task in a lonely shed in the Wicklow Hills to put this magazine together.
Even though we exchanged emails before the publication of PB3, I had never seen him in person the Master Driver of the Poetry Bus so on the book launch (In the Monday Echo - International Bar) it was a pleasure to meet him in person.
He sounded as enthusiastic in flesh as in his emails.

The cover this time was done by Sally Diamond which is deadly.
There are again an incredible variety of over 60 poets and for the drawings/sketches: Padhraig Nolan, Una Gildea, Crona Gallagher, Kevin McSherry, David Rooney and Elena Duff.

Poetry and illustration, an incredible CD of poems and music, all packaged in hard backed envelope and posted to anywhere in the world for €10.
If anyone wants to buy one copy, they can contact thepoetrybusmag@gmail.com and they are looking for submissions for issue 4.
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  1. Well done again on being one of the drivers of the Poetry Bus this time round. I guess I'm still just a passenger? Will have another go at getting into PB4.