Friday, February 3, 2012

A series of unfortunate events

On a crispy sunny morning, I walked out of home and took my bike happy to meet a blue sky.
It wasn't any morning. It was this morning.
And it was my first day to work.
New job. New day.
Was I a little nervous?
Not overly so. I had been told this "office" had a pretty relaxed atmosphere and from visiting the "office", it seemed that way.
So this morning, I woke up, got ready and hoped that I would catch up the right bus.
Previously, 4 days ago, I had tried to get my head around the journey and timetable of that one bus that will get me to work.
Information on Buses in Dublin being as they are, I couldn't figure out what time that bus would arrive at "my bus stop", which journey it would take, how long it would take to get there and which side of the road I should wait for it.
That bus, we will call it, "The Yellow Mystery Blur" or for short, the YMB. The YMB was:
  • A mystery because I never had to take that bus before and therefore knew nothing about it.
  • yellow because that's the Dublin Buses for you.
  • and a blur because when you're on the wrong side of the road and no one is getting on them,these buses pass in front of you like a blur.
So I was hoping that with the right amount of luck and timing and waiting (I was prepared to wait), I shall catch that TYB one way or another, and will figure out which way to go.
Unfortunately this morning, the battery of my alarm clock was flat. Consequently I woke up twenty minutes late.
So when I realised this, I started to speed up my action mode. Despite this, I knew I wouldn't make it so I thought: "Better just take the bike instead!"

It was a beautiful morning so I didn't mind. I got my back pack and stuffed my lunch in it. I put my gloves, hat on and off I went.
Within two minutes, I reached the main road and that's where I saw that damn TYB passing me by!!!
I dropped the bike immediately and ran across the road to stop it. This was my only mean to get information: to ask the driver at what time he usually gets here for the 8 am shift. As I knew I would start earlier next week.
But as I reached the other side of the street, I saw no one was at the bus stop and despite my waving, the bus driver didn't care and drove like a maniac in front of me.
So that was my information gone.
So furious, I cycled up the road and swore at my bad luck and that's when I realised something very cold was touching my right hip.
The weather being sunny, I wasn't sure what was happening so I stopped to check.
And noticed it was raining from my back pack.
I didn't know I was wearing a cloud on my bag!
Or more specifically, in my rush, I had forgotten to snap the top of my bottled water close, hence the rain on the specific region of my hip.
And of course, when I opened my back pack, there was my lunch floating in an enclosed puddle.
So as you can imagine, I wasn't very delighted with myself nor did I had the time to wait that the water seeped through the bag so I had to remove my watery lunch ( and one very wet muffin) on the side of the road and turn my bag upside down.
This created a nice waterfall and for a moment, I laughed at the whole ridiculous situation I was in.
Nevertheless, I got rid of the water, put the remaining of my much heavier lunch and bag and set it on the handlebars because it was still very wet.
But that's not all.
Half way through my twenty five minute journey cycling, the chain of my bike jumped as I changed gear.
I then started to laugh out loud. And decided that this was definitely not my day.
I had to turn the bike upside down ( like the bag) to fix the chain and then mounted the bike once more and hope to God it wouldn't jump again.
It didn't.
Surprisingly and despite all this, I arrived right on time.
But of course that wasn't over.
The girl who was to help me with my training had problems logging to my new p.c and later on to get access to some shared network drives.
The password wouldn't work. And it took half an hour for a technical person to fix these problems over the phone.
In the meantime, I asked to be excused since she didn't need me. And I decided to set things right.
I dried my bag, my lunch, threw half the sponge (I mean the wet muffin) in the bin. I looked at the whole lot and then at the new kitchen office and decided that I liked it.
I felt things were right once more, that the balance of my universe had been reset and the rest of my day went more or less fine after that.
But what a day!


  1. Wow! What a start to your day. I don't know if I'd be in a good mood after all that!
    BTW, I haven't forgotten about your short story. I see I have until the end of the month to get it for free. I hope my husband has paid attention to the "hints" I've been dropping about giving me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. If he does (do or die!), your short story will be my first download. : )

  2. Hi Emily, well cycling in the sun usually put me in a good mood. We get so little sun here, it is a near miracle when we get some! Oh yeah, I hope for your husband he will get the hint and for me too! ;-)
    I will be looking forward to your feedback on this short story.

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  4. by the way, im sorry it took me so long to reply to you. i had been without internet for almost a month.
    yes, i believe we all are like that, at least a little bit. i think that as girls, we compare ourselves to other girls. and thats very interesting, about the female and male cognitive minds. i guess its just a girl thing. ah well, i suppose we just do what we can..

  5. Oh wow! well congrats on the new job and well done on your positive recall of the first day although I expect it didn;t feel so positive on the day!