Thursday, March 1, 2012

you've just been unloved

Getting unfollowed.
Either on blog or on twitter.
Has it happened to you?
I think it has happened to me twice or three times since I created my blog.
On twitter, it hasn't happened yet.
But there's a first for everything.
You can't help wonder if it is because you began to s-lack in writing something interesting or if they found your blog by mistake.
So you started to form probable scenarios:
Maybe they followed you by mistake in the first place? Maybe they got a bad day at the office? Maybe they got dumped?
Or maybe it is just you!

It does feel like they're saying:" Sorry dude, got it wrong. Thought you were good, just taking it back cuz your blog in fact suck!"
In other words, you've just been unloved!
If most of us would feel this way about being unfollowed, what does it really mean?
So we are not perfect? We are making mistakes?
So what?
We're only human.
Of course, it would help to know which mistakes we are making. But in reality, how many of us have ever offered feedback when you unsubscribe from a let's say a website?
The truth this world is a free world.
To follow and unfollow as you please without having to justify yourself is one of the greatest advantages that Internet has been able to offer us.
In a world where everything is asking more and more commitment from us, from setting up your electricity bills online to just providing an ID card to get books to your local library, here is a way to hop around the web without having to think twice about it.

Action without consequence.

Or is it without consequence? Have you heard of a story where people got angry at you? Or people got overly sad because of it?


  1. Hey Speedwing, I got this from time to time on facebook, it used to bother me but then I realized the problem wasn't actually me, see I don't believe I influence people in anyway, if they like me they like me, if not then bugger off, better off not having a friend like that anyhow... and then after a while they request friendship again and naturally depending on the person of course I decline, to a significant other after a little quarrel well that's another story, the relationship should never be on facebook anyhow.

    Anyhow, hope you are well, see you are following me! Hope you remain a follower seemingly you are my one and only follower haha [plays world's smallest violin]

  2. Hey don't fret really. If people don't get you and want to be A** holes then it is their loss and better you spend your time writing more interesting pieces.
    I'm enjoying them anyway.

    I once read a quote that went something like this.
    "Those that share and make comment are true followers. Those that abandon us are idiots and would never offer any comment worth receiving."

    We all like a bit of positive feedback of course. It can have the affect of helping us to mature. But worrying over unfollowing habits could lead to wasted energy, we shouldn't rely on comments or feedback unless we can handle negative responses.
    Do what you do and don't look for praise and you will never be disappointed.....

    You are loved, and so is your attention to the cause of sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. Keep it up unabated.