Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

With the release of the movie "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" directed by Tarsem Singh, Pigsback, an Irish online daily deals website has offered their customer (me) a chance to see a Preview Screening for free in the next week or so. Movies

That is if I get selected by their lottery system.
They used to offer preview screenings for free if you register on time.

They used to offer a preview screening nearly every two months.
But no more.
Now, you get these offers once a year and if you are lucky, you might be picked. Or not.

As much as I tried to deny myself the joy of going to see romantic movies in theaters thinking the likes of "oh this is so anti-feminist" and "Oh this is not realistic!" and "there's no such thing as a knight in shining armour in real life!" I have decided that I shouldn't deny myself the simple pleasure of getting away from it all and being entertained by a feeling good movie. Besides I was wondering how Julia Roberts would pull the role of the Witch. She never usually plays the role of a Baddie.
See MIRROR MIRROR First and for Free!
 Yet I still enjoy a good laugh and nothing makes me laugh more than making fun of those stereotypes that we are constantly reminded of in those fairy tales and romantic stories.

In this frame of mind, I wrote a while back a silly little poem. Nothing great. Just an idea to play with and have fun with. Only this one was called "Mirror, Mirror in the Mall"
And yes incidentally, if you turn a "W" upside down, it is a "M",  so the Wall becomes a Mall.

Mirror, Mirror in the Mall

Tales come and go
But this story will make you bow.
Listen up.
Unplug yourselves from this reality,
And dive into the hub
Of this unusual story.
Today is your lucky day.
But hey, there's no guarantee you’ll be blown away.

So you see,
there was this chick.
She was pretty,
Some say, she was slick.
She bought and trashed.
And flashed her cash
But to no avail
The Holy Grail:
Tom Patcat
Was as blind as a bat
Mirror, Mirror in the Mall
She asked, tell me who’s the awesomest chick of this Mall?
My Queen, said the Reflection,
You know, you’re my little Onion.
With your plastic boobs and your faked tan
You’d bring any boys to your divan.
But there’s a slight problem with your Patcat:
He’s a fruitcake, my little rat.
Oh my, oh my, said Eli,
How can I make him like me?
You’re in luck, said the Mirror
Cuz I’m a fairy, so come closer.
Let’s switch places
And I’ll make him fall into your graces.
Eli jumped into the mirror.
But the Reflection never came back
And incidentally his name was Jack.
So here's the story's moral:
You should never trust your pal.
Especially if he’s a queen
and he happened to be very good looking.

What about you? Do you get a buzz out off watching Fairytales/romantic stories? Or do those themes turn you off completely?

Oh and yes, I did try my hands at writing a Fairytale for Big and Small Kids. It's a fairytale with a quiet power of imagination and poetry and luckily for you, it is available for FREE.
It's called "Saving Ordenia" and I would love to read your reviews on it.

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  1. Very good. Amusing and creepy at the same time.
    Alternative Title:
    "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of the Mall"!