Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Who knew today was Earth Day?
Come on. Don't be shy. Raise your hands if you did!

I didn't.
Until I went on Google and noticed their doodle.
I clicked on it and there you go.
Today is Earth Day.

I looked it up on Wikipedia to find a little more about this day.
I was surprised to discover that it exists since 1970.

There's a Earth Day Logo/Flag and even a Earth Day Anthem.
I looked for the Official Earth Day International website but didn't find it very useful. Mainly because you have to be in the USA to take action.

They do have a page where you can create a day event or sign a petition but that's no much use if you are based in Ireland.

So I looked for a similar Website/Organisation in Ireland.

I found VOICE Ireland, an Irish non-governmental Charity established in 1997.
They don't even have a petition to sign.
And only 269 followers on Twitter.
Except for a list of actions to follow, I couldn't find a suggestion to let's say use Facebook as a way to spread the word and raise concern.

However I found another website which name was confusing. I mean they chose "friend of earth" acronym for their website and it is turning to FOE.IE
So it feels you need to be a Foe to be a Friend of earth.
Their website is a little better and they have more followers. 1900 followers. Not a lot for a 4 million inhabitants country. But I guess that's a start.

I guess what I meant to say is give a hug to Earth and wish Everyone you know a Happy Earth Day!

Have you heard about this event? Do you know someone who's doing something for this cause? Do you think a day is enough to raise concern?


  1. Got to love the world we are on as its the only one we have!

  2. I think every day is an Earth day, or at least it should be. :)