Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Walking on "Ripper Street"

A "stranger than fiction" type of moment in Dublin
There are Mondays and there are Mondays. Some Mondays are more interesting than others. Nine weeks ago, I was walking through the Guinness Factory area as part of my “try-to-exercise-after-study” type of duty when I turned left into Rainsford Street and found myself traveling back in time.

I always enjoy walking the cobbled streets of Dublin. And I especially like the Dickensian atmosphere around the Guinness Factory. But this time it felt as if I had actually landed into the nineteenth century.  
Props of bales and crates were stacked on the side of Rainsford Street as if waiting to be carried away. 
Men dressed in Victorian clothes were casually smoking while others were reading from books. I stopped and looked back wondering if I had taken the wrong turn somewhere.
But apparently I hadn’t.
At least four very twenty first century cars were parked further down the road.
As puzzled as I still was, I gathered my wits and asked one of the authentic Victorian men with worn leather jackets and interesting mustaches what was going on.
Apparently I just ran into the last filming day of a new drama set in the East End of London in 1889 during the aftermath of Jack The Ripper murders. This series will be called "Ripper Street" and is scheduled for an autumn transmission.
The series will feature Matthew Macfadyen, Adam Rothenberg and Jerome Flynn as the main characters of the series. Matthew Macfadyen has been quite busy playing lately in Spooks and Pillars of the earth series and has just finished completing “Anna Karenina” the movie.

In this stranger than fiction moment, I felt lucky to be there and I even took a few pictures. 

Have you ever experienced a stranger than fiction moment and if so, how did it make you feel? 

More details on IMDB:


  1. Very cool! What a neat experience! I've never seen anything be filmed before. I think it would be interesting.

  2. Wow, that is really stranger than fiction! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. i was =)
    i was in ukraine for 3 months.
    just came back on the 1st.
    i loved it. it truly was an amazing experience.
    just.... wow.