Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I've been up to...

Wow. It's been a month. A MONTH. It feels like years.
One month since I haven't come to this blog.
It feels weird coming back. I couldn't even remember my google password to get in. I had to reset it. That's how long it's been. While I was away, I did
a few other things though. This is the list of things I've done:
A) Writing Arts events. 
And for 2 audiences.
1) Been writing for an online magazine called (on and off)
2) The other audience is a free local newspaper called the I'm writing for them on a monthly basis. For free. Of course for free. It sucks and it would be nice to be paid to write articles but we can dream.
I did it for the experience and to build a readership. LOL.
But after 7 months, I can tell that nobody is reading it because I am not getting any feedback and it doesn't generate any views on this blog. So much for that. Oh well.
B) Writing Women's Fiction.
The last one I wrote was "When you Dance"
It's about a girl called Lindsay who lives to dance every Saturday night. That is until one weirdo appears and spoil her fun. Or he is really? 
I don't know if it's great. But I have enjoyed writing Women's fiction. At least while it lasted. It was like a fever. And it wouldn't go away unless I wrote. And now? Well I'm giving it a break as no inspiration has hit me since. I put that story up on Smashwords for free and hoped for the best...The result was a disaster! It hardly got any downloads. So that's that. Since it's still free, anybody is welcome to read and review it. 
C) Revamping my Arts wordpress blog
I started to put up arts articles and events in Dublin. I also started to take pictures of arts events and tried my hand at Photography in general. This has been really fun and I enjoyed it immensely. But while fun is fun, work doesn't get done. And work is piling up.

 What have you been up to?