Thursday, October 24, 2013

1 Halloween Story for Kids Coming Up!

For me Halloween is about the magic of one colour: orange. It's one of my favourite colours. I don't know how the story came to me. I think it wasn't so much that the story came to me. It was more like a scene or a painting that came through with one specific color: an orange setting.

I started to think of orange pumpkins. I love their variety in shapes and the warmth of their colours.
I thought about how I love the Autumn and orange leaves and then one thing lead to another and I thought: "Hey, what if they were little creatures living in these Pumpkins?"

One creature emerged, a Pumpkinet!
From that, I started to think of baddies and about a fairy coming to the rescue and the story developed nicely.
Before long, I had written the whole story in 2 nights in French which I hadn't done in a very long time.

Then I let the story on the side. But this story always was in the back of my mind. Inspiration was still deserting me after 6 months so I read back the story.
I still liked it! In fact I was liking it more even!
It is a cute story for 8-9 years, girls especially!
I corrected passages, grammar and then thought: "Hey I could translate this in English!"
I used Google Translate.
Google Translate does increase the speed of translation but it also butchers sentences to such an extent that I couldn't understand the meaning in English. I had to re-read in French to understand what I meant to say.
After many editing in French and in English, I have a story almost ready for Halloween!
I am quite excited. I will have it self published tomorrow or Saturday if all goes well on Smashwords.
So Keep tuned!


  1. Great to see you blogging again. Its been a while! Looking forward to the pumpkin story. Anton really liked the pumpkin picture!

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