Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween last night in Dublin

Halloween seems to mean as much to the Small Ones as it is to the Big Ones.

You just had to be in town last night to see how much effort the Grown ups had put into dressing "horribly."

Even better I noticed that when it came to costumes, there was no rule.

Apart from the Zombies and the Ghosts and Undead costumes, here's a list of how people were dressed:

  • Pink Cow-Girl Costume (Her whole outfit was pink. I wish I had taken a picture of her)
  • Rat Costume (Really? yes Really)
  • Panda Costume
  • Banana Costume 
  • Top Gun Costume ( What's the link with Halloween? I don't know!)
  • Dalmatian Costume
  • Spider-man Costume
  • I saw a bunch of Prisoners hanging together (;-))
  • Indian Girl Costume
  • Heidi Costume
  • Sultan Costume
  • Builder with safety yellow hat costume
  • Court Dress Costume
  • And a guy with a pretty cool zip cutting his face with fake blood.
  • Superwoman Costume

  1. Even Dublin City Council had dressed their building nicely...
  2. And shops. Check out Bewley's Pumpkin carving artwork!

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