Sunday, December 15, 2013

Angel Card Tutorial

Hi Everyone
I researched on the internet how to make an angel card and found this great website from Laura Howard
 ( Another Laura ;-))

I followed her instructions ( which were very visual and easy to follow)
I changed it slightly for the wings ( too long to cut those curved shapes)

I used a paper plate.

For the Halo, I used a gold pen because I didn't have any gold paper and Voila!
I think my angel is a lot thinner than hers. ( It wasn't my intention to make it look thin but it happened that way. ;-)

Project Recipe:
- Brown paper from a brown paper bag.
- Scissors
- A black marker for the hair
- Pritt stick or other paper-friendly glue
- Gold pen for the Halo.
- Silver pen for the Wings
- White paper doily set for the intricate design of dress.
- White paper to consolidate the dress, round shape for the Face and remaining of the paper for the Feet.
- Thick White paper for the angel's face and feet
- Card blank.

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