Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to make a pretty christmas tree out of a single branch

Hi Everyone,
I found this pretty naked branch on the ground in Dublin 8 and thought this could do a perfect little Xmas tree. I had a large candy cup which i thought I could fill with stones to use as a base for the tree.

I had pretty ribbons which I had already bought to make xmas cards. The great thing about those ribbons is that I can use them for many purposes ( for gifts bags as bows, on cards, as tinsels ect...)

I also found in a local market large xmas snowflakes stickers for very cheap and instead of using them as stickers I use them as xmas decorations.
and this is the result- simple but nice.

Of course, you can wrap the base (the candy cup) with a nice wrapping paper but i didn't.
Happy St Stephen's Day everyone.

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