Friday, January 31, 2014

Can you re-use Christmas wrapping paper?

Yes! Surprisingly you can! Even if it is creased! Here is how:
I know Christmas is over but here's a project of recycling wrapping paper that I did to make cards. 

By the way, if the picture looks so good, it's because I got the help of a great photographer! He taught me how to setup a studio very cheaply and made these great pictures. His name is Andrew O'Toole and I definitely recommend him. He does workshops and freelance.

To return to our tutorial, the good thing about making these cards is that they are cheap to make and you don’t have to cut and measure the exact square shapes for every part of the tree to make a good impression. ( which is quite time consuming let’s be honest here, especially if you are doing a few!)
Cut approximately a square shape into your creased wrapping paper and fold it from corner to corner with the patterned facing upwards. ( if it doesn't fit, exactly, then cut it so it does!)

step2: Then fold from corner to corner in the opposite direction.
step3: Open your paper up, it will now have a cross in the middle.
step4: Then crease your paper in half  ( so it becomes a rectangle shape and if it doesn't exactly fit like a rectangle, you can cut it so it does!)), bring it back to its square shape and fold it the other way.
Now you are a star shape in the middle of your paper.
step5: Then next part is the tricky bit: you need to push up the center from the white side it should pop into this position below leaving you with two of the folds facing down. Push the two full triangles together.

step 6: Fold the triangle making yet another triangle! You do that by pull the point downwards so that the edge of this section of the triangle is butted up to the centre fold you have made.You do the same for the side and then for the other 3 squares.
step 7: then I glued the back of the triangle and lay your 3 triangles out in a row from large to small.
step 8: I glued a pretty ribbon at the top of the card  and the bottom of the card and voila.

For a detailed instruction on how to do the Christmas tree, below is a link to a blog that explains it step by step (better explained.):

Project recipe:
Project difficulty:  easy
  • Already used wrapping paper.
  • Scissors
  • 2 pieces of ribbon
  • Glue
 I hope this helps.

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