Thursday, January 9, 2014

Santa with a Moustache Christmas Card

Hi Everyone,
A friend of mine's father used to have a moustache and suggested to make a card of Santa with a Moustache! I thought that was brilliant. So I did just that!

Project 1: Santa with a Moustache.
I cut a moustache shape from a black packaging.
For the top part of the card, I cut the roof design of an "El Paso" Packaging to give a Spanish feel on the card.

For the bottom part of the card, I cut the edge of a Doily Set Paper to give the effect of my Santa standing on a little mount of snow. This is to give  the intricate design of the snow.

 For the middle part, I had a Santa "left over" from a card making kit so I use it and raised him with foam squares.

Project 2: Making an Owl Greeting Card.
I also had someone I know who really likes Owls, so I made a card for that person out of a pink divider tab ( for the body part) and Thornston Chocolate packaging for the wings.
For the belly,  I used a traditional hole punch and used the paper bits for the dots. I use Christmas Decoration packaging to make the purple flower. I didn't invent that design. I looked on the Internet and find a cute owl design which I copied.

Project 3: Making a Cut Cat Greeting Card.
I know someone who likes Cats. Again I didn't invent that design. I looked on the Internet and find a cute cat design which I copied. I used a red divider tab for the background and a blue divider tab for the cat's body. I used a Jacob's Biscuits for Cheese packaging for the orange/yellow ears and paws.

Sorry for the quality of the images. I took a quick picture before giving them away.

I like a challenge so if there's something you have in mind as a greeting card for someone special for Valentine's Day or just to say Hello, let me know and I'll try to do it out of recycled materials.
Because it is rather time consuming, I charge 3 euros per card.

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