Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ask him out for coffee for Valentine's day!

“Let’s eat in” recycled card making project

Hi Everyone,
With Valentine’s day coming up, I came up with another idea to make cards out of a take-away delivery bag.
I like the colour green (and drinking green tea).
I noticed that the takeaway bag that my housemate gets from ordering food with "Let's eat in" had a nice lime green colour to it.
I thought I could definitely use this to  cut the shape of a mug into it.( see picture below)

For the background
I used a pink paper colour, spread a bit of pink water paint on it and highlighted the contours with a black marker.
For the mug
Step 1: I cut the shape of a mug from the take away bag,
Step 2: highlight the contours with a permanent marker,
Step 3: drew on the mug and draw the handle on the card.
Step 4: Put some foam squares at the back and stick it on the card.

For the steam effect of the drink on the card
 I used a handful of lime green shredded paper (which I got from hampers). I rolled and glued the circle part on the card but you can draw swirls instead.

And there you have it: an excuse for Valentine's day to ask your cute colleague to have a cup of coffee or tea with you!

Picture credit: Andrew O’Toole. Available for freelance and teaching workshops.

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  1. Love the way you turn something oridinary and banal into something artistic and eye-catching. Very creative!