Thursday, February 6, 2014

"My love for you is growing every day" greeting card

Kleenex recycled card making project

Hi Everyone,
I thought I could come up with another project for Valentine’s day with an empty Kleenex Box.
I don’t know where the idea came to me. But I thought it would be nice to create a single flower which would grow leaves in the shapes of heart from a pot.

For the background
I used a blue paper colour and highlighted the contours with a black marker.

For the Hearts
I liked the colours of the Kleenex box. I cut heart shapes out of it and hightlighted the contours with a black marker.

For the stem
I used a leftover of “let’s eat in” takeaway bag and highlighted the contours.

For the pot, I used another food packaging to cut the shape of a pot. Any food packaging could do.

And voila! A card that could say " My love for you is growing every day!"

Project recipe:
Project difficulty -moderate
1 recycled Kleenex box
Foam squares
1 Blue paper colour
1 black marker
Lime green shredded paper

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