Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A greeting card that could say " I want to eat you up!"

Pie Minister recycled card making project

Hi Everyone,
I thought I could come up with another project with a Pie Minister Packaging Box. I bought 3 for the price of 10 euro in George Arcade and love the pies. (Heidi is my favourite one) I also liked the cool art on the packaging and since the box was hardly used/dirty I decided that it could re-use it.

Also I invested recently in my art projects! Instead of buying blank cards, I found a company called "Eco-craft" that is settled all the way in the UK. They sell recycled blank cards, recycled envelopes and biodegradable transparent sleeves. The delivery cost was a tad expensive. It's a trial. ( They don't have those in Ireland.) I am glad to be using those now, proud even. It makes more sense.

                                         (Credit Image: laspeedwing)

                                          (Credit Image: laspeedwing) 

                                          (Credit Image: Andrew O'Toole) 

And voila! Greeting cards that could say " I want to eat you up!" or "Ciao Bello, going to Italy! Tweet me when you get there!"

Project recipe:
Project difficulty -easy
1 recycled Pie Minister packaging box
Foam squares
1 black marker

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