Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 100 challenge reality- Day 1

Hi everyone,
I have decided to take the Day 100 reality challenge on co-creating your reality. Participants begin by declaring what they want to attract into their lives and for the next 100 days.
This idea has been put in place onto a website which participants can join.  3 women Laura Duksta, Sandy Grason and Lilou Mace setup this website. See the link below for more information.

I haven't joined the website but I will.This new challenge seems to come from nowhere. I haven't blogged in months.
When you look at my previous posts, for the last 3 years, i have tried my hands at a few things. First at writing every day about everything and nothing, then writing about art and artists, joining fantasy writings contests, interviewing writers/poets and finally creating posts on recycled card making projects.

It seems that I have been all over the place. But all posts followed 2 common interests: art and writing.
Through a personal journey though, I have realised that I could no longer view art as a past-time. Slowly it became a necessity for me to create. My moods and energy levels would be quite low when I didn't create for weeks and then when I did create something, I would feel energised and happy for a couple of days until I felt less energised again. 

This effect wasn't perceived by me at first. It was subtle. It took me a long time to notice the difference. I put these differences in energy levels to work, weather, food, sleep, daily issues ect... But I realised it was none of the above, and this had a profound effect on me.

I now realise the amazing therapeutic effects of being able to be creative regularly and my intention is to share this experience with others.

The power of Art is extremely under-estimated. Most people would view doing any form of art as a hobby. But it is a very powerful healing tool, one of which I believe, everybody could benefit. But it needs to be explained, used and understood by all. I am far from being an expert at this. I am not an art therapist. i wouldn't be considered an artist either. I didn't study arts. I only have my own experience to back me up and a passion for arts.
But I do hope that through blog posts and youtube videos, I will meet people who feel the same way about art, guides and teachers who can help me spread this message to others. There are so many people who could start to feel better about themselves through creativity. It certainly did it for me.

So that's my goal.
Now I just have to start making youtube videos about it. Never done a youtube video before. And I don't think I wouldn't be the best communicators. But I do feel passionate about this message and so I hope to overcome my own insecurities to do this. And i hope i get support along the way.

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