Monday, June 22, 2015

Rennes for Running after Time

Hi Everyone,
As part of this creative crumb journey I talked about in my previous post, I made a stopover in my Brother's place in Rennes (Capital of Brittany) for a few days.

The reasons why I feel creativity must be a part of my daily activity are two fold:
1)It is a way to express myself in ways that i couldn't in the past and still in the present( so very therapeutic)

2)Creating in silence or near silence brings a meditative quality to our time/inner self which is much needed for turbulent minds like ours. Do i need to specify that we are constantly receiving a flow of information that makes it very hard for us to keep our minds peaceful?

By creating that meditative state, we find a way to be in the moment and to focus on ourselves fully rather than just running after time. Meditating even manage to make us feel like time is slowing down.

So with this in mind, I did a few pieces that i'd like to share with you.
Keep in mind, that i had no canvas with me.
So I made do with what I had:

My brother Fabrice was kind enough to let me use one of his posters ( a music band poster called Chair Lift) as a way to experiment my oil pastels on the side of the poster and use it as a make-do canvas:

  ( Credit Photo: My Brother. For once I let myself being taken in pictures- It must be the new me.)

I had no canvas or glue at the time so I used what I had: paper, water, toilet paper and and heart shapes...

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  1. Nice effects and textures. Nice too to see a photo of you in creative mode! Jod