Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vannes - Vastness of the Morbihan Gulf - Part 2

Greetings everyone,
In one of my visits around Vannes, I found this wonderful furniture shop called Villadici; I was so impressed by the quality of textiles and work that i thought :"Maybe they have samples that they throw away after a while."
So I asked them and indeed they were able to give me wonderful samples.
I was positively in heaven when they gave me all those rich textiles for me to try.
I wasn't sure in what way i would use them in my art but I had to try.
They work with Saba, a modern italian furniture company. This only confirmed how great the Italian are when it comes to quality of textiles.

So what i started to do was to cut pieces of textiles and harmonize their colours together; I never done this before so it was an experiment but it felt great to try something different; And to be artistically ecological about it.
The result gave this sort of Amerindian style to the two pieces. I called the left piece " humility" because of its earthy colors. The indians of America were very grateful and humble of nature and what they borrowed from nature, so it felt right to call this piece as such and the right piece, "Identity" because of the strips of textiles that reminded me of the way they painted their bodies and faces. In a very abstract way of course!

When I showed my new experiments to my siblings, we had a good laugh about it; One of them said it would look great as a cat tree; Another said it would be handy to scratch your back or as a doormat!
What do you think?


  1. Something tells me that you are where you should be and are doing what you should be doing right now. You are bursting with creative energy, long may it continue! I love the colours in the triptych painting.Very different feel about the textile pieces, they are quite abstract, a bit like a Mondrian painting?