2016 Drawings

Drawings as Therapy

In 2016, I continued painting but soon as I was moving a lot, stocking those canvases became a problem so I started to use sketchbooks. And draw.
At first, I used color pens and pencils and highlighters even.

Then I discovered chalk pastels. And i used what was around me to inspire me.
For example, if i felt lonely or isolated, i would see a pretty tea box with nice images and i decided to use those images to instill a sense of "adventure" and "exoticism" in me and my sketchbook.

 Then slowly, i began to draw what just came to mind without judging it ( too much)

In this drawing, underneath, the heart shapes are from perfumes boxes I found that were going to be thrown away.

Slowly I noticed I connected more to my body too. This drawing for example made me realise my "guts/stomach" were stressed and attacked with worry.

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