2017 Drawings

Drawing as Therapy.

As I started to "allow what is inside outside", I started to trust my processes of creation til the end without censuring it, before the end. Gaining patience and tolerance when I had very little to none before!

I started to judge less and less on the aesthetic result and concentrate more on what the drawing had to teach something about me. 
I kept working on sketchbooks at first.

I allowed myself the luxury of making mistakes. If I wasn't happy with the previous work, i could cover it with toilet paper!

These creative exercises started to look more and more like doors to my subconscious, tools to integrate my sense of self.

I even began to draw auto-portraits drawings, something i would have never been able to before.

In the case of this drawing for example, I wasn't able to make anything much of it at the time. Now looking back on it, I can see that it shows how very permeable i was to the world. The definitions of "myself" are not very strong.

It helps my self awareness to rise. It helps to gain a sense of clarity and to accept myself better.

It helps me connect with what upsets me.
I saw these trees near a river: they looked damaged and unhealthy. They looked to me as if they were suffering...

It works best when I set a clear goals and intentions before drawing. This one is about breathing and what comes when you breathe...

I started to draw more professional drawings...

                                                "Ouvrons les electrons libres en nous"

                                                       When your ear hears too much...

                                                              "Ovaires et Raie Manta"

                                               "What if our mind was in our ovaries?"


Alors que je commence à faire plus d'experimentations artistiques, je commence à faire davantage confiance à mes processus de création et à ce qu'il pourrait m'apprendre sur moi.

Ces exercices de création commencent à prendre le chemin de "portes vers mon subconscient ou des outils pour intégrer mon sens de soi. Cela aide ma connaissance de moi à se développer.

Cela fonctionne mieux lorsque je définis des objectifs et des intentions clairs avant de dessiner.

L'art en tant que thérapie n'est pas destiné à être joli.

 Pour moi, l'art en tant que thérapie, est la première et la plus magique étape pour nous rapprocher de ce que nous sommes vraiment. Mais pouvons-nous laisser l'art se rapprocher de ce nous sommes vraiment?

Voici quelques exemples:

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