Etherbooks (Mobile Publisher - Only visible if you have an Iphone)
"Patchy transport for the Paddies" Etherbooks, September 2011 - Essay on public transport in Dublin
"Sex on the Beach" Etherbooks, October 2011- Feel good fiction for women
"Wake up" Etherbooks, October 2011- Poem on personal development.

Short stories
"The Colour of Mind" - First Cut Magazine - November 2011- Issue4
Also readable on my blog:
"An history on 4 Gotthem Place" - First Cut Magazine - February 2012- Issue5

Articles: (Online student Magazine)

Dublin Informer (Newspaper)
"Seeing the Invisible ones" ( Page 26- Arts Angle- October 2011)
November issue also appearing in the Irishnewsreview

"Upstart" (Online Articles)
(Upstart is a non profit organisation which promotes Arts in Ireland)
DWF is looking for you! - 24th Oct 2011
Call for Ideas: RTÉ ARTS 2012- 30th Aug 2011
The shock of a long shot - 22nd Aug 2011
The Terminators - 19th Aug 2011
The Taboo Word? L.A. Speedwing explores eBooks - 22nd June 2011
The Nordic Night at the Irish Writers’ Centre - 30th Apr 2011
Interview with the enigmatic figure of the Emerging Writer - 11th Apr 2011
Interview with William Wall - 14th Mar 2011
World Book Day; Preparing for the Long run -  14th Mar 2011
Interview with Peter Goulding - 10th Mar 2011
The World Book Day - 7th Mar 2011
Interview with Kalle Ryan - 4th Mar 2011
Interview with Kimberly Campanello - 4th Mar 2011
Interview with Dave Lordan - 26th Feb 2011
A Glór Session at the International Bar - 24th Feb 2011
Interview with Anne Tannam - 24th Feb 2011
Interview with Sarah Maria Griffin - 22nd Feb 2011
The Young, the Wise and the Wild – a teaser of Upstart interviews to come - 21st Feb 2011
A Trip to Blogger’s Hell - 21st Feb 2011
188205 Things I did today - 17th Feb 2011
Are you up for a start? - 17th Feb 2011

"Let me be" - (Poetry Bus 3 - Issue 3 - January 2011
"Ode to Rain" - ( The Weary Blues Magazine. Issue 1 - November 2011)
"Morocco" (Raft Online Magazine. Issue 4 - Summer 2011)
"No veil" ( U.S Magazine: Shot Glass Journal, Issue 5, Autumn 2011)

"Breach of Peace" (p. 51) in Boyne Berries Issue 7, Spring 2010

Book review
A review of Patti Smith's Biography "Just Kids" (Raft Online Magazine. Issue 3 - Spring 2011)

Racing Stillness: Minus 9 Squared (Anthology Vol.1, p. 35)
Modern Art: Minus 9 Squared (Anthology Vol.1, p. 35)

Essays (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)

Articles (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)
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