Writing as Therapy.

These are  many reasons why Writing or Keeping a journal for example, can be extremely therapeutic and healing as far as I am concerned. Here are 5 of them. But I believe they are many many more.

1. It allows a sense of permission, creativity and expression back into your life ( as we tend to censure ourselves a lot)

2. It reduces our stress level and worries and all other emotional issues.

3. It allows us to detach ourselves from what is happening. Our emotions or experiences as we live them, can be quite disorganized in our heads. By writing them down, we re-organise them. We gain clarity of mind and analytical skills as  we distance ourselves from our issues on paper.

4. It allows a sense of possibilities and abundance as we start seeing solutions we wouldn't have seen before.
Past/Present/Future: There are writing exercices that can be used to help us turn the past into a different and better outlook, appreciate the present more and imagine a better future.

5. It allows us to gain confidence and awareness in ourselves. Not only can we re-affirm the abilities we had to deal with situations or emotions in the past, we can make sense of it, re-write them and act better in the future in the same situation.

Studies has even showed recently that writing improves our immune systems. And they are many more benefits. Which i hope to unveil for myself as I keep writing.

I can testify that a lot of this has been true for me since I start keeping a journal.

One book I would advice to read "The Artist's Way" from Julia Cameron. She tells exactly why writing can be so therapeutic. 

She advices to write 3 pages a day. It doesn't sound like a lot. Or too much. Even 1 page will help. But once we start, it will show its benefits to you very soon, I can promise you that.

They are other books like "Writing to heal" from James Pennebaker, who tells it well too.

 Below are books I wrote many moons ago. They got me to start writing. It surprised me as I got into a well of creativity that was unknown to me. But as we grow, our needs change.
 I am more on standby. I am more interested now in keeping a journal as it does a lot for me. But this may change. And that is the great thing about writing. It offers many doors to our inner world ( a fantasy door, a romantic door, a lyrical door, an authentic door, a fiction door, ect....)

 "Children's Stories E-books"

In the land of the Pumpkins - Contemporary Fantasy Children' story. 10046 words - 0.99 cts

Far Below Our Streets - Contemporary Fantasy Children' story. 10046 words - 0.99 cts

Blurb: In Ireland, Littlepace, County Dublin, nine year old girl Johanne is mad at her parents. She doesn’t want to be a hairdresser. She wants to be a policewoman, a detective or a reporter. Or as she called it a “politecter”. Her neighbours have all turned strangely "absent-minded" so when she sees a strange man stealing something out of Mrs Shackelton’s body,  Johanne must do something about it.
7600 words.

Saving Ordenia - Fairy Tale - 2466 words -0.99cts

"Adults E-books"

Back to Love- On Smashwords - 4 Romantic Stories on the theme of being spurned - 10328 words -0.99cts

An Interesting Cocktail - Women's Fiction - 1524 words - 0.99 cts

"Short Stories E-books"

From One Jungle to Another - 4 Short Stories - 6693 words - Free


Etherbooks (Mobile Publisher - Only visible if you have an Iphone)
"Patchy transport for the Paddies" Etherbooks, September 2011 - Essay on public transport in Dublin
"Sex on the Beach" Etherbooks, October 2011- Feel good fiction for women
"Wake up" Etherbooks, October 2011- Poem on personal development.

Articles about Art Events in Dublin with Irish News Review (Online News Magazine)


Dublin Informer (Newspaper) - 18 articles monthly between October 2011 and May 2013
"Seeing the Invisible ones" ( Page 26- Arts Angle- October 2011)

"Upstart" (Online Articles)
(Upstart is a non profit organisation which promotes Arts in Ireland)


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Short stories

"The Colour of Mind" - First Cut Magazine - November 2011- Issue4

"An history on 4 Gotthem Place" - First Cut Magazine - February 2012- Issue5

Dublin.Studenty.me (Online student Magazine)

"Let me be" - (Poetry Bus 3 - Issue 3 - January 2011
"Ode to Rain" - ( The Weary Blues Magazine. Issue 1 - November 2011)
"Morocco" (Raft Online Magazine. Issue 4 - Summer 2011)
"No veil" ( U.S Magazine: Shot Glass Journal, Issue 5, Autumn 2011)

"Breach of Peace" (p. 51) in Boyne Berries Issue 7, Spring 2010

Book review
A review of Patti Smith's Biography "Just Kids" (Raft Online Magazine. Issue 3 - Spring 2011)

Racing Stillness: Minus 9 Squared (Anthology Vol.1, p. 35)
Modern Art: Minus 9 Squared (Anthology Vol.1, p. 35)

Essays (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)

Articles (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)
Coming soon

My Writing in Progress 

"Minigreen"- Or Where do Vegetable Come From?  
Blurb: On the far corner of our galaxy,  three Kingdoms, Peas, Carrots and Green Beans lived happily on Minigreen, the first ever garden until one day, the Carrots decide that the Peas are a threat to them. War is imminent. Is there anyone to save Minigreen and how did those three Kingdoms end up on Earth? Complete

"Elementally Hers" - Or When the Elements are in your way and yet a part of you.
Blurb: In England, County Lancashire, for Calpurnia, seventeen year old, life can't get any worse. Bullied in school and by her mother, cooking has always been her only way forward so it makes sense when she decides it should become her way out.
However an inexplicable series of events is about to change her life. The saying Nature has a strange way to get back at you is true but in Calpurnia's case, the Elements are about to get very personal.
YA Contemporary Fantasy Romance Novel - Still working progress

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