Recycled Art

Recycled Art

Below are examples of my recycled art....
Starting by a painting made of samples show casing textiles for sofas which were going to be thrown away... Strange? Great? Ugly? All of the above? Curious on how it got made? Click on  the link.

 A painting made of Beer Mats.

Painting made with Bark Tree. Sold.

 Key holder Made from four metallic flowers cut from a Cadbury roses chocolate tin fixed on a wood base (from a disused fence)


Recycled Greeting Cards

(Link to Post above)
(Link to Post above)
           Made from Thornstons Chocolate Box packaging

 (Link to the post above)

                                                    Made from Bewleys paper cups
Made from a Chocolate Box packaging
Made from random packaging boxes.
Made from Lindt Chocolate Boxes

Each card is hand made- Each card is 2.50 euros.

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