Work in Progress

My Writing in Progress

"Minigreen"- Or Where do Vegetable Come From?  
Blurb: On the far corner of our galaxy,  three Kingdoms, Peas, Carrots and Green Beans lived happily on Minigreen, the first ever garden until one day, the Carrots decide that the Peas are a threat to them. War is imminent. Is there anyone to save Minigreen and how did those three Kingdoms end up on Earth?
Fantasy Picture story - Querying and seemingly getting somewhere...more soon...
1650 words

"4 Gotthem Place" - Or When Curiosity is rewarded.
Blurb: In Ireland, Littlepace, County Dublin, nine year old girl Johanne is mad at her parents. She doesn’t want to be a hairdresser. She wants to be a policewoman, a detective or a reporter. Or as she called it a “politecter”. Her neighbours have all turned strangely "absent-minded" so when she sees a strange man stealing something out of Mrs Shackelton’s body,  Johanne must do something about it.
Contemporary Fantasy Children' Story - Querying and failing...
7600 words.

"Elementally Hers" - Or When the Elements are in your way and yet a part of you.
Blurb: In England, County Lancashire, for Calpurnia, seventeen year old, life can't get any worse. Bullied in school and by her mother, cooking has always been her only way forward so it makes sense when she decides it should become her way out.
However an inexplicable series of events is about to change her life. The saying Nature has a strange way to get back at you is true but in Calpurnia's case, the Elements are about to get very personal.
YA Contemporary Fantasy Romance Novel - Querying and failing...

150 000 words.